Pride, then?

she knows she can beat men into the ground and she’ll take about it all day tbh


Holy fuck the shredded wheat video is like 8 years old shit


i cant think of anything else for green im bad ;-;


well Cess used to collect scourge bones and would spend most of her time after battles picking through corpses and cleaning her ”””trophies””’ and ppl were like fuck that’s gross u just have a pile of bones in ur tent what the fuck so she turned them into axes w/ some help
and now sometimes she finds pretty stones and she’ll take them home and she has a nice little pile of stones she should make a weapon out of those too

Gluttony for Cess

Cess has a stash of hidden hard candies that she eats at home and she doesn’t like eating them in public bcuz they make her drool a lot and it’s a messy process.

32,922 plays



send me more of those deadly sins asks even if u dont care about Cess


Been waiting a year to post this.


Been waiting a year to post this.

Lust, duh!

cess’ tail is v sensitive and if ur rough with it she’ll turn around and punch you right in the fuckin’ jaw

WOW hes lvl 10 first of al……

pee pee my ass

stephini replied to your post: stephini replied to your post: stephin…

theres no corner this room is a perfect sphere

puts u in the calm down time cage